Restaurant Les Climats.

So far, this is the most delicious restaurant I’ve ever tried in Paris. I usually don’t go to this kind of places, but it was a good occasion to do it; my mom was visiting me because of my master’s degree graduation.

I did the reservation via La fourchette. I was attracted by the atmosphere, the good reviews and loved the art deco inspiration in their interior design.

As soon as we arrived, we were instantly received in the entrance by welcoming and kind people, they took off our coats and lead us to our table; which fortunately was next to the secret garden (they do have one during summer days).

As a lover of languages and multiculturalism, I was so surprised to see all the waiters speaking perfectly German, Spanish, English, Italian and so on. We were served by a Spanish one, so it was easy to ask him recommendations during the night.

When we asked to see the wine menu, we were shocked… it was a book! And we had in our hands the 6th edition. Their book was awarded in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 by the International Bible of wine magazines: Wine Spectator.

But, what do Les Climats offers in terms of wine?

·       2 513 references from €24 to 9 255 €;

·       3 684 bottles of Red Bourgognes and 594 of whites ready to be served in day cellars;

·       22 674 bottles in storage cellar;

·       Operating temperatures 16 ° for red and 10 ° for whites.

So, we just asked the sommelier for a recommendation.

We were really curious about every dish and every detail of the service. We started by having a “Mise en bouche” which were tiny and decorated fish bites with a crispy kind of chip on top, and some cheese balls with herbs.

For the main dish, my mom took: Barbue des Côtes Bretonnes (white fish), Cooked slowly in a lobster butter; Green asparagus and corwinged Béarnaise.

And I took: Lotte du Finistere (white fish), cooked with “barbecue”, steamed zucchini  with basil, roasted pistachio and lime.

We share the same dessert ; Pink lady: Caramelized apple flowers, almond crumble and cherry sorbet.

I must say that everything was a piece of art! We were so satisfied by the flavors, the service and the new experiences.

Les Climats owns a Michelin star and the Grand Award of excellence– Wine Spectator 2017 and 2018 and the Prize of the best wine list of Paris- Les Lebey de la gastronomy 2018.

It is indeed an expensive restaurant, but for a special occasion or once in a lifetime (even though I will totally return) is totally worth it!

The approximate price for everything we took (plus 2 champagne glasses) was around 200 euros.

Address: 41 rue de Lille, Paris, 75007 (you must do a reservation).

Tel: +33 0 1 58 62 10 08


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