Botanique restaurant

Amazing and classy restaurant in the 11th district of Paris. The ambience is really calm and sober with low luminosity. As soon as you arrive, someone takes charge of you and makes sure you are having a good time. We were really indecisive as the dishes were not so common, but the waitress was an expert in advising us what to take and how everything was done.

We took the diner menu: 48 euros for starter, main dish and dessert. They informed us that the menu changes often, so you’ll probably won’t find the same thing as we did.

For starter, we took an artichaud soup (Fricassée d’artichauts poivrade au jambon Ibérique) sounds more fancy in french…

As a main dish, I took the chicken ( Poulet fermier, racines aux herbes)  and my friend the fish of the day (Bar de ligne étuvé, encornets, légumes italiens).

We had several cheeses options before the dessert, but they recommended us the:

-Saint Nectaire AOP fermier Gaec du Bois Joli. It was creamy and not so strong.

For dessert, we took:  fried apple with Laurel leaves and honey (homemade) ice cream .

Everything was just delicious, and the service made us feel so comfortable that we even stayed till almost nobody was  there anymore.

There is a gastronomic experience upstairs with the chef: Sugio Yamaguchi, which we didn’t have the opportunity to book before.  The price is around 98€ ou 148€ for a menu dégustation.

The place was not really crowded, but it was kind of exclusive, so it is better to reserve in advance to avoid a rejection.




Address: 71, rue de la Folie-Méricourt, 75011 Paris

+33 (0) 1 47 00 27 80

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